Friday, May 24, 2013


This is Royal Richardson. The real Royal Richardson.

All this crap you've been reading since December?

None of that happened.

Sufjan is still with the Church. He's been posting from there.

This is just sad. I can't believe any of you idiots actually fell for this.

None of the posts by "me" actually sound like me. Seriously, I have work in "the Aquitaine"? I have access to minions?

My only job is to kill people.

My only resources are my own talents and wealth.

My God, you're idiots.

This is just Sufjan playing out some sick fantasy where he breaks free and becomes the agent of God he always wanted to be. But it's not true. He's just finally gone the whole hog and cracked completely. It's kind of pathetic, actually.

Whatever. Go get your kicks somewhere else, kids. Sufjan has had his Internet privileges revoked. This blog is officially dead.

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