Thursday, May 10, 2012

Still Alive 3: Still Alivin'

I'm apologising in advance for any spelling mistakes, I'm still having co-ordination problems since what Royal did to me.

Obviously, I'm alive. I think I've demonstrated that well enough. No need to dwell on that point any longer.

I'm in a hospital somewhere. It's a small, private one owned by these Church people. My arm picked up an infection in Royal's shack despite the antibiotics, so I've got tubes and shit running out of me, here, there and everywhere, fixing up the damage and whatnot.

They say I'll be ready to leave soon and then my education can begin. They're letting me post because they want you guys to see how happy I'll become once they've integrated me into their flock.

I'm scared.


  1. This will be difficult, but keep in mind that you have an advantage over most who get involved with cults: you know it's a cult.

    Keep your goals and beliefs in the forefront of your mind. You'll need them.

  2. Holy crap, Sufjan, you're alive!

    Keep your wits about you. Stay safe. I wish I could do more to help, but I'm halfway across the world. x-x

    - DJ

  3. Neat, so your new tormentors are dicks too... not surprised. -.-;

    While the opportunity is on the table then, wanted to apologize for anything kind of dickish I said while Royal was running the show. "Taunting the executioner" did not seem like a good idea at the time, so I was honestly hoping to steer him towards something that would be less damaging to you in the long run. Didn't really do a good job there though... sorry.

    Try to stay calm... you've got the skills to beat this, just hang in there.

  4. Okay. Remember: The first mistake people make is always assuming that cultists are stupid. It's rather far from the truth.

    The general profile of someone who is a cult member is, psychologically, someone who is intelligent, often extremely intelligent, but spiritually unfulfilled. So they look for something that can actually fulfill their spiritual needs...and they run right into a cult. Their lack of fulfillment often allows them to ignore that darker, more terrifying aspects of what they're involved in as they are fulfilled. They change, and you'd never know unless you stepped into their cross-hairs.

    They're not stupid, and they're trying to break you because it's "for your own good."

    The real trick is to try and put them in a position that would be counter to their beliefs, and use that to get out.

    Keep your head on straight, and avoid Stockholm Syndrome. It would just be embarrassing.