Monday, April 23, 2012

The Servant's Tale, Part 3

Having had a few days to think about, I think I've arrived at a conclusion, as Gargoyle rightly guessed. It took some time to come around to a decision, but I believe I've found something as simple and elegant as it is poetic.

As its core, you might say that Sufjan's current predicament came about as a result of his simplistic worldview, the dogma in which he was raised. He used and abused his so-called beliefs to first make me a villain without consideration for the circumstances of my actions and then to justify his own attempt to off me as a divine duty handed on from high. Voice in a dream? Bullshit. He's been lying to you since he woke up in order to make himself look like a sympathetic victim.

More than anything, I think Sufjan's punishment should combine social recompense with rehabilitation. He needs to learn the error of his ways. He needs to be shown how dangerous the kind of blind moral system he adheres to really is.

Who here has heard of the Church of the Last? They're a rather interesting group, a religion worshipping an indifferent god, spreading the news of his existence by whatever means problem. Small town folk. They've had their hands in quite a few pies already, as I understand it. But they're always looking to expand and recruit and brainwash and torture, etc. etc. So, naturally, when I thought to make a lesson out of the perils of blind faith, they sprang to mind. A few phonecalls later and I was informed that they would be delighted to take young McBride off my hands for reeducation and all those other creepy mind-controlling communist dictator buzz words. They shall be arriving tomorrow and then Sufjan will be their problem and I can continue with my work.

What do you think? A good one, right? All that was Sufjan McBride will be obliterated and replaced with another wolf-worshipping sheep. So, y'know, even if Sufjan doesn't learn the lesson I'm trying to teach him, he'll learn something from somebody. Grazing, probably. And it's all your fault, readers. You could have made a better suggestion. You could have swayed me. But only two of you even tried to sway me towards a less horrifying path.

Kudos. You managed to be even more heartless than me.


  1. In my defense, we've been busy as hell over in Sage-land. I wanted to thank you though, for giving me a better understanding of the people I'm dealing with. I guess I don't have to worry very much anymore.

    Let me give you a hint: having gone through a similar indoctrination in my life and come out an intact and whole person, I've got to tell you, you're an idiot.

    What does anyone actually GET out of this? Does anyone actually THINK anymore? Look, you would have put the kid through hell no matter WHAT anyone said. You just wanted an excuse to be self-righteous, and tell an audience of 15 people (about 5 of which are either dead or incapacitated), that they were bad people and that they should feel bad.

    Congratulations, you've proven you're superior to 10 people. Some of those ten aren't even IN this mess! (I don't think I've ever seen this "Chase" person comment on anything before, but she seems to be EVERYWHERE.) Otherwise said, they have no stake in the matter anyway. So you're superior to what, 8 people? 7 people?

    So congratulations, you're dooming a kid to some kind of cult indoctrination as a way to prove you are superior to 7 or 8 people who didn't know any better. Go you. You're so superior to everyone.

    So yeah, wallow in your "victory." By all the gods you're a fool.

    Anyways, the kid might make it out intact. And if he does, be careful: He'll find you, and he will kill you.

    1. A simple reaction from a simple mind. Presumptuous, arrogant and, as a result, utterly disappointing. You are everything that's wrong with this world, everything that I'm trying to fix.

      If I really cared about feeling superior, there are a hundred things I could do to prove that I am. You know what one of those things isn't? Serving a mind-destroying monster. I know that I'm the scum of the earth, genius. I revel in it. You think you can just reduce people to a stereotype or a silhouette with your stupid, narrow little mind, well, guess what, it doesn't work like that. People are more complex than the most advanced machine the human mind can imagine and then we wrap that complexity in equally commplex layers of obfuscating masks and facades. You think you can read my soul in a blog post? Now that's arrogance.

      If you're too dim to see the benefit of what I'm doing, keep watching. Everything will be revealed in due course. That's if your stupidity doesn't kill you first, of course.

    2. People are complex machines. it's true.

      The problem is, that you've spent this entire post defining us as simple little machines too narrow-minded to give Sufjan a better alternative.

      You call yourself a monster, consign the kid to hell, and blame US for being heartless when we can't give you a "more fitting punishment"'s contradictory, isn't it? You blame the tortured for his torture as you torture us with his's like a multilayer evil bastard circle-jerk.

      Grow up you twat. You're an evil bastard trying to blame us for your evil bastard actions. If you know your scum, then at least admit that you're the only scumbag here. Everybody else is too busy trying not to die to pay attention to you.

    3. Another swing and miss from the one-woman Wikipedia psychoanalysis brigade. I'm not trying to blame you for my actions, in fact, it's essential to my plans that I am completely in control of my actions.

      However, I'm open to influence. Maybe I would have done what I'm doing to Sufjan whether or not I heard suggestions. Maybe I wouldn't, maybe I would have listened to you. It doesn't matter. What matters is that no more than two of you people even tried. Too busy trying not to die? Too busy taking care of yourselves instead of taking care of each other, in other words. Pathetic, useless, hypocritical, simple-minded...Ellen, I should gut you, stuff you and put you up in a display case as a perfect example of the wrong kind of human being.

      This conversation is over. I have better things to do than waste my time arguing with a cro-magnon like you. Have fun waiting to become just another useless corpse.

  2. ... you revel in it? How very fascinating, Mr. Richardson! The ranks of Father need more people like you, evidently. You chose a fitting punishment for Mr. McBride, I do admit; so far, I'm impressed with your work. Absolute "truth" and "justice" are things that people claim to know, after all, and yet often are things only present within a theatre of illusions...

    But it would seem that I'm preaching to the figurative choir. I wish you the best, and who knows? Perhaps you'll find your efforts being... rewarded.



    1. If my efforts were not rewarded, after all that I have given, I would be sorely disappointed. However, a commendation from the great Redlight himself seems to suggest I am going in the right direction. Your praise is heartening, sir. I thank you.