Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Curtain Call

Hey, guys! I'm just letting you know I don't think I'll be needing to use this blog anymore. Everything is fine now, so I don't need you guy to support me. It's enough to just have the love and companionship of everyone here in the Church! But, before I go, here's a parting gift that I made for you all the other day.

Please share it with your friends! I want everyone to know how happy I am and how happy they can be! In a world like this, all we can do is spread our love, right? And I've found love here, guys, so I won't be needing yours anymore! So long!


  1. Wow. Some days I should just not open my mouth. I should just lift my fingers off the keyboard and browse to the next page. Insert entire foot-

    Aaaanyhoozle... Looks like you're doing great then huh? I'm glad you've finally found your place among your new friends! It makes me sad to see you go, but I guess that's life sometimes. But hey, if you ever feel like inviting your old friends over for a big explosive party then, well shucks, I guess you know where to find us. Peace be with you and all that jazz. See you around! ^.^

  2. Gods, Sufjan. You've gone and gotten yourself brainwashed. Shit.

    - DJ

  3. May you strap on your armor, Sufjan.

    May you stand.

  4. Damn...

    Fine, whatever. probably better in the long run I guess. I'mj ust fuck man

    fuck you you were supposed to be okay, even after everyhting

  5. A church? Takes me back.

    But no matter how religious your experience is, these things so rarely end well. Here's hoping for your swift and safe excommunication.