Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sufjan's Game

I really have to commend Sufjan, or whatever Sufjan has become. He's been playing Umbra and I well. Kidnapped us both, brought us back to Ireland, separated us, fucked with our heads, injured us. We're back together now, but we're warier than ever. I finally managed to contact the Church of the Last. Not the chapter where I sent Sufjan though, because their compound was burned to the ground, killing everyone inside, men, women and children, except for Sufjan. The attack was organised by a terrorist group of former Church-goers called the Wolves, aided and abetted by Sufjan – who have also all been killed, by Sufjan.

I thought he was coming after me for pure revenge, but I'm not so sure anymore. He's now had plenty of chances to kill me, but hasn't taken them. Though, I suppose I did the same thing to him, but this feels different. I'm uncertain, which is something I'm not used to. But I still have my conviction and that will ultimately allow me to triumph over him.