Monday, December 5, 2011

Back to Work

Back to college today, back to the grind...I kid, I kid, I actually quite like college. The degree I'm doing is lovely because it's a full performing arts degree but you can also take two arts subjects so if you, for some bizarre reason, can't get a performing arts job, you can do a HDip in Education Studies and teach the two arts subjects at secondary level, which is pretty sweet.

Speaking of the words "pretty" and "sweet", my girlfriend just sent me a text;
"ur a slacker!!!!!!!! :D stop sleeping in library weve a spanish history test to study for! :P xXxXxXx"
Though her spelling and punctuation is admittedly lacking (sorry, dear, couldn't resist), she makes a valid and compelling point. If I'm going to slack, I should go do it in my apartment instead of bothering the other people in the library. Alternatively, I could do that study...thing. We shall see. So long, readers!

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