Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Learn, Love, Live

So, I think, despite how long it took me to actually start studying, I did pretty well on my Spanish history test. Spanish and history have always been two of my best subjects and I don't think I did too bad combining both of them. I wasn't too tired for my methods of acting lecture either, so that was good.

I went to a meeting of the drama group I'm in (the drama society is a bit too elitist for my tastes, so I go to one based in the city proper) and it looks like we're going to be doing some weird, symbolic play called A Night Under A Starless Winter Sky as our next production, or so Royal says. Royal is the head of the group and he's kind of an ass but his dad pays all our costs, so no one is really willing to argue with him. Admittedly, though, this new play might be a bit too far. Normally he has a bit of taste but this one really takes the cake. There are three pages of just laughing. I kid you not. I have a feeling this is some play written by an ancestor of his because the script looks pretty old and a cursory Google search doesn't show up any references except for some weird blog.

Anyway, enough about Royal Richardson and his terrible taste in theatre! How about I tell you more about my girlfriend, who is sitting on the other end of the couch, eating a small pepperoni pizza, totally oblivious to the fact I am about to start blabbing about her on my blog?

Well, her name is Shannon Chiego, she's 18 and American (please don't hold it against her, she didn't mean to), she also studies Spanish and performing arts with me but she takes archaeology whereas I take English. She's a fair bit shorter than me and has barely shoulder-length brown hair. She's kind of absent-minded but very sweet and loyal. Not really big into PDA, though I am, so we compromise. Works really well with children and wants to go into primary school teaching after college. We're both in the UCC Philosophical Society (which, to any knowledgeable readers, must clash with my qualms with the drama society's elitism, but I'm able to withstand a certain amount of elitism in my daily life and there's no debating societies in the city) and have competed with and against each other. When we're in a team together, she's always the more emotive speaker while I take the politics, morality and high-faluting ideas. She loves Italian food. She has green eyes. She's really socially awkward at times but I think she's getting over it. She has crippling arachnophobia. Oh, she wears glasses too.

That's all that's coming to mind at the moment, though admittedly I am somewhat distracted by how great this diced breast of chicken curry is. I'm having a damned nice day today. In fact, I think I'm going to go enjoy it more thoroughly. Until next time!

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