Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sinners Shall Burn!

Mass today was depressing. Father Blair decided to eschew anything even slightly positive and just spend the whole hour and a half telling us all what horrible people we are, how we disgrace God and how we're going to burn in hell. As a Christian, it frustrates me when the old demagogues pull shit like this. Seriously, I don't usually curse even but this has pissed me off so much.

Jesus had such a powerful message to give to the world, but who listened? The Church? Hardly. All they've ever done is twisted his message to suit themselves while clinging to their own personal prejudices. How could anyone interpret Christ's message of love as a carte blanche to sin in his name? If Jesus were alive today, he would be disgusted. When did Jesus tell us to hate gays? When did Jesus tell us to spread his word by force of arms? When did Jesus tell us to put the protection of the power, influence and reputation of the Church before the protection of innocent children? Never, that's when. The Church has forgotten the Beatitudes.

Jesus died for the sins of all mankind and that includes the Church. God help me when I say this, but if there's anyone who deserves to burn in hell, it's not the laity.


  1. "I come not to bring peace, but to bring a sword."

    That's when.

    He wanted his ideas to dominate.

  2. You're kind of taking that quote out of context. When Jesus said that, he meant that his teachings would divide people (he specifically refers to families fighting right after that quote) and they did. What that quote actually means is that he didn't want his ideas to dominate. He didn't want to force everyone to agree with each other (thus creating peace), he wanted everyone to choose whether to accept him or not, even if that created conflict (the sword), because he valued freedom over order. Jesus was actually a radical liberal, even by today's standards.