Friday, December 9, 2011


So, predictably enough, Shannon and I have been cast as the idyllic young couple in the play. Not too surprised. Casting is not Royal's strong point. He somehow managed to resist casting himself as the prince and went for some creepy guy called Gregory instead. Apart from that one role, the casting was fairly standard for Royal. For such a confusing piece, he's not giving us much time to work on it. He wants it ready for January 8th and I just don't know if any of us can deliver that. I guess we'll have to. Right now, we're getting a free ride on everything from Royal's dad and none of us are keen on that ending.

In other news, I'm going to an awesome party this weekend, so that should be fun. My friend Valerie is turning 21 tomorrow, so we're heading to her apartment for a shindig. I may or may not end up posting drunkenly here. If not, I'll probably update again on Monday, I want to actually do some study this weekend. Arrivederci!

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